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Creating smart and sustainable cities

The SmartSuisse trade fair and congress will feature a range of smart city themes as part of the Sustainability Days, which are taking place in Basel on March 28 and 29. SmartSuisse is the leading smart city platform in Switzerland.

iNovitas AG 4.2 / S4

The digital road with intelligent applications for administrations and engineering offices

The smart and cloud-based infra3D solution from iNovitas AG with its products and applications enables efficient management, planning and visualisation of the infrastructure. This brings the road and rail directly to the user's workplace in high-resolution and three-dimensional form.


Smart und secure

One thing is clear: Power networks are considered critical infrastructures. Their conversion to digital smart grids increases the security of supply, but also results in new flaws. Secure smart grids are feasible as long as essential measures are taken into account.

Baden-Württemberg International 4.2 / S8

Baden-Württemberg ahead on the topic of smart city

BW_i presented at SmartSuisse 2023 - together with the city of Constance - the expertise in the field of smart and sustainable urban solutions in THE LÄND.

Sensioty AG 4.2 / S22
Product / Service-Highlight simplified alarming is a cloud-based monitoring and alerting software that quickly and effectively alerts users to critical events, technical failures and urgent service needs.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise 4.2 / S15
Product / Service-Highlight

Accelerate Your Sustainability Strategy

HPE’s approach to sustainable IT enables customers to sustainably achieve their digital transformation and reduce risk and cultivate a circular economy.

EineStadt 4.2 / S12
Product / Service-Highlight

Small digital tags as big helpers

Digital field work for non-technical employees? EineStadt manages this balancing act with a little helper, the NFC tag. Mounted on trees, playground equipment, etc. - touching the tag with the smartphone, employees and citizens can "talk" to the objects, enter defects and measures.

Voxelgrid GmbH 4.2 / S12

Revolutionizing the Future: Discover Voxelgrid at Smart Suisse

At Smart Suisse, Voxelgrid is showcasing cutting-edge solutions for intelligent asset management. Our innovative technology empowers facility managers to optimize building performance and reduce energy consumption. Come visit our booth and discover the future of smart facilities management!

Mobiworx Telematik GmbH 4.2 / S12
Use Case

Innovative and sustainable solutions for smart cities

Innovative and sustainable solutions for smart cities: MOBIWORX develops, produces, distributes and supports future-oriented and proven telematics system solutions for the digital administration of today and tomorrow.

GWF AG MUT - Schweizer Treffpunkt der Umwelttechnik

Patented 4D technology for measuring systems

GWF has been investing in research and development for years and has a broad portfolio for measuring flow with ultrasonic technology. The SONICO is used for the measurement and billing of fresh or process water and in the process control of industrial plants.

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